Experience the thrill and voyage of Screaming Eagle Adventures at Wind Creek State Park. With 11 zip lines and six skywalks in the trees from heights up to 70 feet in the air, guests will enjoy scenic view of Lake Martin and an exhilarating ride. There are two levels of adventure to explore and photos capturing the moments are included in ticket prices.

4325 Alabama Highway 128
Alexander City, Alabama 35010

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Off The Beaten Path Alabama is a kayak and canoe rental business that also offers shuttle services to waterways in east central Alabama. Their goal is to provide enjoyable memorable trips to more remote less commercialized waterways. Most of their runs can be experienced at a leisurely pace. They strive to customize each trip to the requests and skill levels of the group or individuals involved.

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(334) 703-2536

Lake Martin Machine Gun (LMMG) is Alabama's premier outdoor machine gun experience and shooting range located near beautiful Lake Martin on 90 acres. LMMG offers a historical introduction of a variety of fully automatic machine guns to shoot and a safe clean atmosphere to bring your firearms to shoot.

2520 Red Hill Road
Eclectic, Alabama 36024

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Archery Park at Wind Creek State Park

4325 Alabama Highway 128
Alexander City, Alabama 35010

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Goat Island located on beautiful Lake Martin is just what the name island with goats. If you've never been, you can't miss this trip. Lots of kids...the kids that are cute and furry. Oh, but the other kids "children" are allowed to visit also. A couple of can't bring your other animals to visit (dogs, etc) and they have a diet like some of us do so they have special food for them. Other than that, go enjoy the day with these amazing little animals.

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Oh, and here's how you get there!


Putt Putt Golf at Wind Creek State Park

4325 Alabama Highway 128
Alexander City, Alabama 35010

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(256) 329-0845

East Alabama Fly Fishing's mission is to help people discover and engage with using fly rods to fish for warm water species in Alabama.

East Alabama Fly Fishing offers many different types of excursions. From the Tallapoosa River Drift Boat Trip, the Wading Trips, Overnight Fly Fishing Trips, and the Pleasure Cruise Trips. There is something for everyone!

To learn more about guide services on the Tallapoosa River, visit East Alabama Fly Fishing.