Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail at Overlook Park

Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail At Overlook Park

Beautiful Park And Scenic Trails

The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail and Overlook Park provide some of the most scenic and panoramic views you can get and still have both feet on solid ground.

CRATA’s first trails constructed in 2004 consist of three (3) trails for a total of 7.2 miles.  All three trails are tied together so you can hike from 1 mile to 7 miles with several combinations.

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CRATA at Overlook Park is a part of the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail. Bald Eagles are spotted regularly over the lake; Wild Turkeys are abundant in the lush hardwood forests that surround the trail, as are other traditional woodland birds.

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Distance: 1-7 Miles (3 different trails)

Route Type: Loop (interconnected)

Elevation: 383 Feet

  • Hiking
  • Birding
  • Fishing
  • Views
  • Wildlife
  • Lake
  • Dogs Welcome on Leash

CRATA boasts over 26 miles of well maintained and expertly marked hiking trails located around Lake Martin in Tallapoosa county and on the Tallapoosa river in Elmore county. No matter if you like rugged alpine-like trails or easy wooded trails, we have it all. The vistas and total immersion in nature on our trails are breathtaking and carry you back to simpler times when the Creek Indians and earlier settlers were roaming our area.

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